True Countries project

The wars that will devastate Earth during the XXI-XXII-XXIII and XXIV centuries will put humanity at the edge of its existence. Billions of humans will die during the wars and throughout the postwar periods that will follow them. The ecology of the planet Earth will be damaged beyond repair. The planet will be deadly wounded. As a direct and necessary consequence, the exhausted humanity will decide to abolish the concept of Country that was at the center of all these disputes. The vote of the United Nations Council will be unanimous and the process will culminate in the year 2317 with the signing of the “Treaty of Planetary Unification”. Over time, it will lay the foundations for a new kind of human consciousness, necessary for the survival of the species and the further exploration and settlements in the Solar System and in the Milky Way. The human being finally will understand the need to communicate and deal with Reality in other terms, different from those dominant at the dawn of the Twenty-first century.

Extract from the Temporal Encyclopedia

2317-Planet Earth. Temporal Council.

The Temporal Council meeting was attempting to address the latest developments around the thesis published by the Temporal member P. M. Dirac: “The Time Change in the 21st Century”. Is it possible to Change the past to accelerate the process of Planetary Unification? Could it be possible, then, to save planet Earth from extinction? The key point of his Thesis was exploring the Earth´ salvation by applying a change in Reality that would generate that desired Change. But Dirac´s Thesis was only theoretical. However, and this was the reason for the Temporal Council meeting, a Temporal Engineer had apparently found a solution. His name was E. Galois:
-I have found the point in space-time for the Optimal Change. This is “at” the year 2017, at the region formerly known as Europe. The change will consist in introducing and promoting the idea of “No-Need-For-The-Existence-Of-The-Countries”. The change will be articulated by modifying the behavior of an Artist who, in the present Timeline did not publish his work in order that in the new Reality he does.
Look here- Galois said pointing to the graphic hologram floating in the space between the Council members and himself-, in his lifetime he did not publish his work and died in oblivion somewhere in the XXIst century. However, among the findings found during excavations in the Scandinavian region formerly known as Norway, was the file “True Countries” in the form of a music album. A relic of the Ancient Times, when music was still consumed in a physical format.

True Countries project

2D representation of Galois´graphic hologram

-The Temporal equations,- continued Galois- confirm Dirac´s Theory at this point of Eternity: One of us must travel to the past, precisely to the year 2017 and make the change in the consciousness of this Artist, to publish his work. His name is A. Marti. The publication of the album True Countries will be the Minimum Necessary Change that humanity will need to accelerate the process of “Planetary Unification”. The Reality will be modified here, where a new Timeline will emerge and the Reality will be modified accordingly. You can all see that World Wars, human and ecological losses will be reduced to a minimum on Planet Earth. This Change will be like the fall of the first stones that will form an avalanche that finally will save the Earth.
-Will the world be saved?- asked L. Euler, the oldest member of the Council .
-Yes, but the artist will never know.

Extract from Transcriptions of the Temporal Council. Vol.7-zs

If you are reading this it means this New Reality is already happening.
We humans are the True Countries.